Welcome to my official website KrisTravis.Com! I'm so excited to be able to have my own website where I can share my thoughts and stories with you as I come back into wrestling after kicking cancer's ass! You have all been amazing in your support, so this is my way of documenting my comeback as well as showing you some of the many highlights I've had during my time in wrestling. I hope you like what you see so far, but I've got much more coming your way on the site. Thank you for visiting! Kris =) x
Meet Kris
Birthday: December 16th 1983
From: Sheffield, UK
In-Ring Debut: 2002

A 13 year veteran of the squared circle, Kris Travis is a true student of the game, with an unwaivering love and passion for wrestling. Growing up idolising Hulk Hogan & Bret "The Hitman" Hart, the wrestling bug led to Kris pursuing a career in the ring. During this time, he's proved himself both as a solo competitor and as a tag team wrestler alongside Martin Kirby and Scotty Hexx.

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Southside X Factor 2014
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Thank You
During 2014, Kris was given the news that he had stomach cancer, and has had to take time out from wrestling. During this time, a huge wave of support from the wrestling community has helped him push through, and now he is preparing for his return to doing what he loves most. Please take the time to visit Cancer Research & Weston Park Hospital's websites and donate to help cure cancer once and for all.

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With HOPE Wrestling, the surprises, the shocks and the special treats just keep on coming…. he may not be ready to return to in ring action yet… but you know the saying….

‘You can’t keep a good man down’

Well…THIS FRIDAY…in Mansfield…. Kris Travis comes home…

Kris will personally be collecting on behalf of Western Park Hospital who have looked after him so well during his treatment.
www.hopewrestling.co.uk – Under 50 tickets remain!! Click here to purchase tickets!

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Just a quick blog update today, I just want to touch on the comeback of a very good friend of mine Lionheart.

It was a year ago on a fateful cold night in Preston that one of my best friends broke his neck whilst wrestling TNA Star AJ Styles. It was from his signature move The Styles Clash, and the trick to staying safe with this move is to NOT tuck your head! However for whatever reason Lionheart did indeed tuck his head and that meant the entire body weight of the muscular AJ would land directly on top of his head. I’ve seen the footage and it is HORRENDOUS, actually stomach churning. You see wrestlers are taught for safety to tuck their heads and 99.9% of moves, it is blatantly obvious that instincts of being a wrestler kicked in and Lionheart in that split second made a decision that would haunt him forever!

After the match I ran down to see Lion laid in the middle of the ring, motionless…… this image will haunt me for the rest of my days too…. laying by the side of one of my best friends as he tells me he cannot move any of his body….. seeing a man I look up to a strong character crying in the middle of the ring as he thinks about not himself but his partner and how she will cope with the news.

After getting him to hospital , Steven Fludder, Noam Dar and myself stayed until we were thrown out and were in constant contact throughout the night. Genuinely every last second of that night will stay with me forever….. I wont go into too much detail of what happened in the hospital but it was emotionally harrowing for everyone, not least the brave man laid on that hospital bed.

The next night I had a match, one of the biggest of my career against the ROH TV Champion….. a match that was at the time scheduled to be shown on Ring Of Honour TV. All that day I was convinced I wouldn’t wrestle again, I was 100% serious about getting out of the business….. the business isn’t worth potentially dying for…. all I could envision was my friend laid motionless from a fairly simple move. Here I was expected to tear the house down with risky move after move and for the first time in my career all I could imagine was every move going wrong….. what if I landed on my head on a dive? What if I hurt my opponent? I HAD to have that match and I am glad I did… it was fairly average in all truth partly because I just couldn’t stop thinking about the risk and second guessing my movements. Speaking to Lionheart the next few days was the ONLY thing that stopped me from quitting…. his attitude of wanting to get back in the ring… his attitude of wanting to once again be the star of the show made me forget my own concerns and reaslise that we all know the risks….. the doubt is always there but as wrestlers we ignore it. Its why 90% of the wrestlers you see entertain you week in and week out have been struggling all week with an injury…. hitting the gym when they should be in a Dr’s surgery.

Tonight in Preston Lionheart makes his return to the ring….. a man who I was concerned would never walk again is actually stepping foot into the squared circle and taking on Joey Hayes and I couldn’t be prouder. The determination and gut of this man is admirable and truly inspiring….. this is the man I am basing my comeback on…. this is the man that I am hoping to imitate, a true hero to the world of wrestling and Im proud to call him a friend. Im nervous for him….. I’m sure he is nervous for himself, but we both know deep down that he is going to own that ring and once again show that he is the king of the jungle that is professional wrestling. I love you bro and cannot wait to be in that ring….. looking across from you ready to tear the place down one more time!!

Kris =)


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So here is my second blog….. Hello everyone! Thanks for coming back to read my random thoughts!

So basically I’ve done 6 gym sessions now. I will post my second session workout at the bottom of this blog…. The 3rd was a repeat on the 1st with the ever so slight increase in weight. The rest have been your bog standard work outs of body parts. Today was chest and legs! All my workouts are started by 3 , 2 minute rounds on the boxing bag.

I’ve already noticed a massive difference in my cardio and today I did them without feeling like a train had run me over…. PROGRESS! ( not the amazing promotion dahn sahffff you understand ).
I feel healthier and better as a person right now than I have in a LONG LONG time….. Hey I still look like Paul from the movie of the same name….

But at least I feel like a healthy version of him right?!?

So the Monday that’s just gone was my last batch of chemotherapy…. Now I know it’s only been like 3 days, but man I feel so much better already! The drs say that the chemo will be in my system for like another 6 weeks so I imagine I will just feel better and better as the weeks roll on! My stomach still growls at me constantly everytime I eat something and I still fart like a trooper ( sorry! ) but I’m getting there I hope. My hair is still looking like Tommy Pickles from The Rugrats, and the patches that are growing back look grey and black so erm yeah my new hair style could look interesting haha!

The guys at my gym have been absolutely fantastic with me, it’s never been a place where you get judged for the amount of weight you lift etc ( which is surprising because I go to a meat head gym ) everyone has been wishing me luck and supporting me 100% , pushing me but also giving me guidance and making me take it easy at times when I would usually push too hard. The scar on my stomach still hurts on most exercises I do and that’s the worry, that it will hinder my progress in the future…. But it’s small steps, baby steps until I get there. My confidence has been shot for a very long time, hated looking at myself and hated other people looking at me…. But it’s returning…. Slowly…. But still once again it’s progress right? I will hopefully be blogging again tomorrow because I want to touch on my good friend Lionhearts journey which sees him back in the ring tomorrow night! So for now I bid you guys farewell…. Thanks for reading and all the support.
Kris =) x

Shoulder press 4 sets on 10kg
Absolutely fucked already!
Lateral raises 4 sets 5kg
Row 12 on 10kg
12 on 20kg
8 on 30kg
8 on 30kg
Back extension 4 sets 12
Chest press
12 on 20kg
12 on 20kg
10 on 30kg
8 on 35kg
Leg extension 15 on 5
15 on 6
10 on 6
Leg curl 7 on 5
10 on 4
Bicep curl 15 on 5kg per hand
10 on 10 kg ph
6 on 10kg ph
8 on 10 ph
Tri pull down
4 x 15 on 7

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FSM Article

In the April 2015 issue of Fighting Spirit Magazine, Kris wrote an inspirational article about his stomach cancer and his plans for a comeback. Click here to read the full article.

If you would like to contact Kris in regards to bookings, please email projectego@hotmail.co.uk



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