Welcome to my official website KrisTravis.Com! I'm so excited to be able to have my own website where I can share my thoughts and stories with you as I come back into wrestling after kicking cancer's ass! You have all been amazing in your support, so this is my way of documenting my comeback as well as showing you some of the many highlights I've had during my time in wrestling. I hope you like what you see so far, but I've got much more coming your way on the site. Thank you for visiting! Kris =) x

During 2014, Kris was given the news that he had stomach cancer, and has since then kicking cancers ass! Due to the news he had to take time out from wrestling to focus on himself and his recovery. During this time, a huge wave of support from the wrestling community has helped him push through and has meant more then anyone will ever know, and now he is preparing for his return to doing what he loves most. Due to the overwhelming support Kris received, he has been raising money for Cancer Research & Weston Park Hospital where he has been receiving treatment.

There are many ways in which you can help join the fight against cancer, please take the time to visit Cancer Research & Weston Park Hospital’s websites and don’t forget to donate.

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