Welcome to my official website KrisTravis.Com! I'm so excited to be able to have my own website where I can share my thoughts and stories with you as I come back into wrestling after kicking cancer's ass! You have all been amazing in your support, so this is my way of documenting my comeback as well as showing you some of the many highlights I've had during my time in wrestling. I hope you like what you see so far, but I've got much more coming your way on the site. Thank you for visiting! Kris =) x
The Comeback Starts in 4 Days
Meet Kris
Birthday: December 16th 1983
From: Sheffield, UK
In-Ring Debut: 2002

A 13 year veteran of the squared circle, Kris Travis is a true student of the game, with an unwaivering love and passion for wrestling. Growing up idolising Hulk Hogan & Bret "The Hitman" Hart, the wrestling bug led to Kris pursuing a career in the ring. During this time, he's proved himself both as a solo competitor and as a tag team wrestler alongside Martin Kirby and Scotty Hexx.

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Thank You
During 2014, Kris was given the news that he had stomach cancer, and has had to take time out from wrestling. During this time, a huge wave of support from the wrestling community has helped him push through, and now he is preparing for his return to doing what he loves most. Please take the time to visit Cancer Research & Weston Park Hospital's websites and donate to help cure cancer once and for all.

Date: August 03 Filed In: Blog Author:

So this is it…. It finally came around…. In 4 days time I get back in the ‘squared circle’ and have my first wrestling match in a year. Am I ready?! Should I comeback at all?

I’m going to be completely honest…. I’m nervous, in fact no I am beyond nervous. It’s like starting out all over again…. I’ve been watching a few of my old matches and I don’t recognise that person…. That Kris Travis was the old me, the person who I was before this horrible disease. I won’t ever be that guy again… I can’t ever be that guy again, I’m a totally different person. In some ways better, some ways worse.

I don’t know how good I’m going to be, I don’t have high expectations…. I’m scared and nervous of letting everyone down and not being good enough to be on a PCW show. Sure the crowd will respond no matter what and will give me sympathy cheers…. But I don’t want that…. I want to go in that ring and EARN those cheers. EARN an ovation and EARN match of the night just like I used to every PCW show I was ever on!

As much I used to like Sha Samuels I don’t see a person anymore, some of the things he has done and said about me have seriously disgusted me. I was once close to his friends and we were in the same circles a lot…. That can never be anymore. In my view Sha crossed the line and it’s time he payed the price. It’s poetic really isn’t it….. Sha Samuels undefeated in PCW, against the returning Kris Travis, the all conquering hero comes back for his big return match…. Neither of us want to lose, neither of us CAN lose! But listen… Do you think I have been training hard, sacrificing everything to come back to PCW and LOSE? You must be joking!

Like I have said a million times…. I won’t ever look like the old Travis anymore, I’ve come to terms with that and although it hurts I can deal with it…. But I will still FIGHT like the old me. It may not be pretty, it may not be athletic but by god it will have my heart and soul in it.

After Friday…. Love me or hate me, you will respect me.
Travis is Back

Dedication To My Kirbs
Date: July 15 Filed In: Blog Author:

This is just a random little blog… Maybe more of a note actually. I’m on holiday right now…. And I may or may not have had a couple of cheeky drinks hehe. But i wanted to write this…… I have missed teaming with Martin Kirby. I would say that the majority or at least half of you guys know me as a team with Kirby…. It’s been nearly a year since we last teamed up. And although in our personal lives we are pretty much chalk and cheese in our attitudes to certain things…. In our professional life we are on the exact same page. We both view wrestling as it should be…. FUN. Escapism at it’s finest, and we go out of the way to not only entertain the fans… But ourselves and the wrestlers in the back. Yeah what we do might not always make a whole lot of sense…. But 9 times outta 10 people walk away smiling saying ” man project ego are fucking entertaining!” I know in PCW and one or two more promotions I have had a huge singles run…. As has Kirby in different ones…. But I owe most… Neigh ALL that success to this guy…. Without him I wouldn’t have grown and flourished as a performer and heck even as a person. A true friend for now and always……. KIRBY….YEY x

Unbelievable Jeff!
Date: July 15 Filed In: Blog Author:

So it’s been a while since I have done a blog….. Quite a few things have happened in my life so if this doesn’t really follow a pattern or anything then please forgive me…. To be honest they never do right?!

First things first…. I was officially rejected by WWE for their Tough Enough program, although I was initially disappointed I always knew it was a REALLLLLL long shot at getting there, and to be honest I don’t know if I am in the kind of shape that would have survived the show! My video got over 12K views however and nothing but positive feedback from everyone, so as ever a massive thank you all for the immense support you have given me and continue to give me!

Another major thing for me was playing a charity football match Blues vs Reds, which is basically ex professionals of Sheffield Wednesday (YEY) and Sheffield UTD (Boo) and a few celebrities involved aswell. I was so honoured and humbled to be asked to take a part of the game and even though I was SO nervous, I loved each and every second I was on the football field! The Blues took the game 5-2 and I managed to win us a penalty!! I was really surprised at my fitness levels considering it was only a few months after my last chemotherapy session…. But I managed to run myself into the ground and hopefully didn’t shame myself too much haha!

Since the football match I am proud to have been touted as an ambassador for my local Cancer Charity ( Cavendish ) and I am looking forward to helping them out in the future and raising vital funds for this amazing organisation. I will sort a link out on the website straight to their website so you guys can all go and look at the amazing work they do…. Please donate too :).

My next blog will be about my upcoming match and return to the ring against someone I used to call my friend Sha Samuels. Hopefully that will be this week at some point

Thanks for reading guys and gals and Ohhhhh check out my merchandise page and get yourself some cool stuff!
Kris =)

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FSM Article

In the April 2015 issue of Fighting Spirit Magazine, Kris wrote an inspirational article about his stomach cancer and his plans for a comeback. Click here to read the full article.

If you would like to contact Kris in regards to bookings, please email projectego@hotmail.co.uk



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